CoinTrackers Updates

This area of the site is dedicated to posting updates for our project.

Coin Prices Algorithm Changed


We have made changes to algorithm and updated coin prices. Not finished rolling out updates. High end coin prices to be based more on current MS-65 than user set prices.

Coin Image Uploads / Metal Prices Fixed


After the updates a few things were broken. Both the user coin images, and the metal prices are working again.

Help Us With Coin Values


Members who are logged in can now make coin value suggestions. Dont like the values we have listed? Tell us what the real value is. We will review the request and make the proper changes.

Help Us

SSL Added to User Area


Users can now login securely as the user portion has been encrypted. Thanks Launched

CoinPickers launched and we need your help! We are currently looking for knowledgeable people to write news, articles, and assist in the forums.

Anyone can sign up today and become an active member in the forums. However...if you feel you have expertise in the coin, currency, finance, or the precious metal industry we are interested in posting your original content. Please post a message in the forum and we will contact you.

UPDATE * * * CoinPickers project scrapped due to lack of finance, and support.

Database Repaired


The database had been corrupted.

No data was lost the database just needed a repair ran. Don't worry. We back up data fairly regularly. Sorry for the scare everyone.

We have notification tools to let us know when the server is down, but they don't check the status of all the db tables. We were just made aware of this issue. Please forgive us, sorry to scare anyone.

New Search/Export Coins as PDF


The sidebar search that searches our entire coin database has been vastly improved.

We had many requests to allow users to export their coin data as either a pdf, or excel, or just simply allow for copy and paste. Well all those are enabled. Just use the tool bar under your coin collection in your dashboard. (must have flash player installed)

Upload Bug Fixed


We fixed the upload image error... again. lol. Sometimes when you fix some issues you break others. That's what happened here. But the issue has been resolved now. Sorry for delay.

1944 Penny Value Fixed


Error was setting standard value on non-error coins way higher as it thought the coins were steel. 5 bugs were submitted in regards to this error. Thanks for the heads up!

Fixed Coin Collection Error


Fixed coin collection error that was reported by sldr4god. All things seem to be in order now. If not please tell us :).

Login Cosmetic Error


An error was displayed when logging in, that is now fixed. It was really just a cosmetic fix, but it's a fix nonetheless.

Dollar Not Half Dollar Fix


We we're notified this week about a bug that was assigning values and other details for half dollars to dollars. We've just fixed that error. We also streamlined the backend a bit.

Collection Preferences Auto-Save


My coins collection preferences auto-save. The coins sorting order and coins per page are now auto-saving. If you prefer 50 coins per page instead of the default 10 coins per page just choose 50 and the system will remember your choice.

This was requested several times in the feedback area. Thanks and be sure to tell your friends about our site!

Edit Your Coins


In the my coins section click on either the year, the mint, the type, condition, or value. It will then become an editable field!

This was another popular feature people were requesting.

Coin collection total value


The total value of your entire collection is now displayed below your coin collection! It says "Your coin collection is valued at $"(some amount) that's a nice ego booster I'm sure :)

Coin Tracking Mapping Fixed


The mapping and logging of "wild coins" that have been released into the general population has been fixed. We just noticed this error today and it is now fixed.

Coin Value Improvements Made and Image Shrink Fixed 1-5-12


Our first update this year! :) There was an issue the "thumbnail" scaling of uploaded coin images and this has been fixed. Also made some improvements to the "coin value estimations". (when you add a coin we attempt to estimate the value when value is left blank this has been improved.)

Metal Updates/Alerts Fixed


After moving servers we had a few issues with the Gold/Silver price updates. This along with the metal price alerts has been fixed.

Forgot Password


If you've forgot your password it's no problem now. Just use the "Forgot Password?" link on the sign in form and follow the instructions.

Mint Option None


A handful of people have asked in one way or another for us to put a "none" option in the mint mark area of the user Add New Coin. So we did that.

Multiple Coins


We had received a request to allow for users adding coins to add more than 1 of the same coin at a time. This option has been implemented. At the bottom of the form is the question how many. By default 1 is selected but if you want to add more than one you are welcome to.

Moved Servers


We've moved servers. The server the old site was hosted on was old and slow and we've moved to a bigger and better one.